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Arrest Records

Arrest records provide information on when a person was arrested and the crime he or she was arrested for. They come from the state and federal court systems, depending on the type of crime committed. Please keep in mind that arrest records do not necessarily indicate guilt for the crime charged; arrest records show what an individual was arrested for.

Types of Arrest Records in the U.S.

The U.S. gives power the following branches to make arrests:

  • 1. County Police

    Each County has its own rules on arrests when it comes to charges and how long a person is held in a county jail.

  • 2. State Police

    The majority of states also have the power to make arrests from investigation units that are operated from the Attorney General's office..

  • 3. Federal Police

    Arrests at the federal level come from the Department of Justice, which includes the FBI, DEA, and ATF. The constitution regulates that federal officers may not conduct general policing powers but are limited to interstate and foreign matters.

What Information Can you Expect from an Arrest Report?

Arrest reports will show if the arrest was for a business violation, drug or alcohol related, for a violent crime, from a theft or robbery, or was a traffic-related incident. Please keep in mind that an arrest does not constitute guilt. People can be arrested if suspected of a crime.