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Arrest Records provides instant access to online arrest records in an easy-to-read report. Online arrest records will show if the arrest was for a business violation, drug or alcohol related, for a violent crime, from a theft or robbery, or was a traffic-related incident. Please keep in mind that an arrest does not constitute guilt. People can be arrested if suspected of a crime, and arrest records are always made after someone is detained by a police officer. But remember that guilt can only be determined by a court of law.

What is included in an online arrest record?

An arrest record is different from a background check because it simply shows if the subject has ever been arrested. Again, it does not indicate guilt. An arrest record might include all or some of the following:

  • The subject's charge or offense
  • The category of the charge or offense
  • The source of the arrest record
  • The state the source comes from
  • The first, middle, and last names of the subject
  • The dates of the charges or offenses
  • The location where the crime occurred
  • The type of case and the case number
  • The name of the court involved

Can anyone view online arrest records?

Signed into law in 1967, the Freedom of Information Act gives all Americans access to public records, with some exceptions. People can view all arrest records, except those that are still active or are pending.

Some states will also exclude arrest information when the subject is acquitted, expunged, or released because of lack of charges.

Is It Free to View Online Arrest Records?

Arrest records often include sensitive information, so fees may be involved with viewing them.

There are usually three ways to look up arrest records: in person at a courthouse or county building, by request, and online. Viewing arrest records in person often costs money, as county clerks charge administration fees. Through the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI can provide specific records for a fee.

Out of all available options, viewing records online is the best way to receive arrest records. provides unlimited online arrest record searches for one low monthly fee.

What Should I Use Online Arrest Records For?

  • Dates or new relationships
  • Family members
  • Yourself
  • Classmates
  • Friends
  • Inmates

What If I Find an Incorrect Arrest Record About Myself?

If you find an arrest record that looks like it belongs to you, be sure to check the following to make sure it is actually yours:

  • Date of birth
  • Spelling of all names
  • Place of birth
  • Place of residence

If the above elements match your personal information, take a look at your credit report to make sure your identity has not been stolen or manipulated. If you suspect that someone is impersonating your identity, you can file a police report.

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