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What is CheckPeople?

CheckPeople.com provides instant access to public records in one, easy-to-read report. We specialize in helping you find criminal records so that you can have peace-of-mind and protect your personal safety.

We offers unlimited, instant searches and will save you time if you need to track down court records, or if you simply want to use our background check services to help you locate long-lost relatives or friends! Public record searches have never been so easy.

Our search tool gives you access to billions of public databases to uncover arrest records, crminal records, DUI/DWI felonies, marriage & divorce records and much more! Forget visiting the local county clerk and join CheckPeople today!

Searching Features

  • Criminal Records & Arrest Records

    Our criminal records & arrest records section of your report lists information such as Felony Records, DUI/DWI Records, Arrest Records, Mugshots, Criminal Records, Police Reports, Convictions, Speeding Tickets, Sexual Offenses, Misdemeanor Charges, Active/Outstanding Warrants, etc.

    Criminal Records
  • Current & Previous Contact Details

    Your report will include details such as current and previous addresses, current and previous email addresses, active and inactive social media profiles, current phone number(s) and much more!

    Contact Details
  • Nationwide Court Documents

    Our system searches billions of recrods from County, State, Municipal and Federal Courthouses! Be prepared to see information such as Tax Liens, Current and Past Criminal Cases, Bankruptcy Filings, Personal Injury and Small Claims Court Cases, Family and Probate Court Cases, Legal Judgements, Birth and Death Records, Current and Past Lawsuits and much more!

    Court Documents
  • Instant Deep Web Search

    Our propriatary algorithm will search for any Hidden Social Media Accounts, Current Websites, Forum Posts, Blogs, Current and Previous Images/Videos and other various content that we'll find on the deep web.

    Deep Web Search
  • Personal Information Records

    Prepare to find out current and past Occupation Records, Current and Previous Relatives and Associates, Date of Birth along with Nicknames/Aliases, Past Marriage/Divorce Records, etc.

    Personal Records

Why Choose CheckPeople?

  • Best-in-class Tool for People Search
  • Respect for Privacy
  • Easy-to-Understand Format
  • Insant and Time Saving
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Peace-of-Mind, Always
Our comprehensive background check services cover criminal records, current and previous phone numbers, address histories, sex offender databases, social media profiles, property ownership records, marriage and divorce records, family member lists, bankruptcy and tax lien history and more!
With CheckPeople, you can get unlimited searches & reports and much more! Why settle for less?
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CheckPeople.com exists to help you have instant access to search for public records easily. CheckPeople does not provide consumer reports and is not a "Consumer Reporting Agency" or "CRA" as that term is defined under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or "FCRA". CheckPeople is a reseller of the reports obtained through the Service and, as such, cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information therein, particularly criminal record information. Under the FCRA, you are prohibited from using CheckPeople for any of the following reasons: (1) consumer credit checks, (2) employment screening, (3) insurance screening, (4) tenant screening, (5) educational screening, and so forth. For additional information and common examples of prohibited and allowable uses of the Service, see our Do’s and Don’ts and read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.