Background Check is a background check website that specializes in criminal background checks. It shows information from public reports and records. Our service does not provide personal information such as social security numbers, credit scores, or employment history.

Background Check Information from Quick, Easy, Comprehensive.

At, we pull our data from public records and publically available court documents. The information is consolidated into a final report that is easy to follow. Our emphasis is pulling criminal records so that you can make important personal safety decisions.

Public records and information available to the public are regulated by the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA), which stipulates how consumer reports collected by third-parties can be used. Under FCRA laws, is not a consumer reporting agency, and the information pulled from our website cannot be used for employment purposes (even for domestic help), tenant screening, determining insurance eligibility, or for stalking or harassing people. Please see our complete list of Do's and Don'ts for rules and regulations concerning the data pulled from

What you Can Find on

  • 1. Name, birthday, age, estimated income
  • 2. Criminal history, including arrest records and criminal convictions
  • 3. Sex offender database records
  • 4. Demographic and census data, with possible relative ties
  • 5. Civil court information, including civil lawsuits
  • 6. FAA pilot license records, DEA licenses, etc.

What you Won't Find on

  • 1. Credit scores and history
  • 2. Social security numbers
  • 3. Employment history
  • 4. Expunged records
  • 5. Juvenile criminal records
  • 6. Medical records
  • 7. Mental Health records and evaluations
  • 8. Non-public information

A Note on Criminal Records, Arrest Records, and Sex Offender Records

Criminal records are pulled from the county, state, and federal levels across the U.S. Every jurisdiction has its own rules with how long it takes to process public records and make the information available to the public. Therefore, our third-party background check services cannot be completely guaranteed since there is no standard across all counties and states for how public record information is available.