Do's & Don'ts makes it easy to do your own background checks for personal safety reasons, or if you're trying to locate lost relatives or friends. However, under the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA), you are restricted from using for certain activities, and it is illegal to use third-party background services such as for reasons such as spying on people, identity theft, or contacting people against their wishes.

Read through our Dos and Don'ts below for a handy guide on how you can legally use our easy, intuitive background check service.

Don'ts - Prohibited Uses

  • 1. Don't use for employment screening, of any kind. You must follow Fair Credit and Reporting Act guidelines for employment screening, including hiring, promotions, or for employee reviews.
  • 2. Don't use for screening domestic help, including caretakers, nannies, or gardeners. You must follow Fair Credit and Reporting Act guidelines for domestic help employment.
  • 3. Don't use for tenant screening if you lease or rent residential or commercial property.
  • 4. Don't use for educational screening or to verify qualifications for scholarships or programs.
  • 5. Don't use to look up eligibility for insurance programs.
  • 6. Don't use to determine credit eligibility, for issuing mortgages, or for business transactions.
  • 7. Don't use to stalk, spy on people, or contact them against their wishes.
  • 8. Don't use for identity theft of any kind.

Do's - Permitted Uses

  • 1. Do use to look up a lost love.
  • 2. Do use to find family members or friends.
  • 3. Do use to research a potential roommate.
  • 4. Do use to check out an online date.
  • 5. Do use to locate addresses for invitations or cards.
  • 6. Do use to verify buyers for personal online sales and transactions.
  • 7. Do use to look up public record court documents. It will save you time from going directly to the courts to look up records!
  • 8. Do use to research your own public records. It's good to know what's out there for your own peace-of-mind!
  • 9. Do use to learn more about your neighbors.

More questions about how you can use services? Read our full Terms of Service, or contact us!