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Moving In With Someone: The Dos and Don’ts

Linda Collins - August 27, 2019

Moving In With Someone: The Dos and Don’ts

It is a huge milestone in one’s life when they finally decide that they want to move in together. Your first/only true love and now you are going to share a living space together. It can be a bit unnerving to say the least. But even if your true love bleeds rainbows and birds (as well as other various woodland creatures) sit upon their shoulders when walking through the woods. Even then… you should stay vigilant and ready for whatever life may throw by you.

Most people find moving in together a parallel step to marriage. After all, you are merging your lives together by taking this step. It’s very real and you want to make sure to take a quick pause and evaluate what is important before you make your move permanent.

There are a few things to consider that will ensure your long term safety and relationship viability.

Never Stop Discussing!

Something like this should never be done as a spontaneous decision. Moving in with someone kind of huge. Even if this is not your first time living with a partner or not, you should talk about it until you’re blue in the face. Why are you moving in together? Why are you/they doing it? And what is the others idea fo potential relationship goals?

In an ideal scenario you would have discuss this for months on end before you even thought about packing your bags. If you aren’t both equally as excited about this. Don’t worry, just back off for a bit and they will come around.

The Finances

Money isn’t a comfortable topic of conversation for most, but it’s central if you’re going to be successful with your new living situation. When a couple gets married typically, by law, all their finances and property combine by default. However this isn’t really the case in most places when it comes to moving in together. You should check your local state government for laws regarding this).

So… now the question: Are you going to combine everything you each own or are you intending to keep things separate for now? Are you going to be splitting all the home-related costs or are you planning on keeping most everything as separate as possible?

Basically, you just need to how you want to work with your finances and this is something that should be figured out and agreed upon well before living together. Use all the time you’ll have in finding a place to iron out these details.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Are you moving in to your partner’s place? Is your partners place in a good neighborhood? It might be a great idea to make sure of that. I mean… your partner might feel good with this situation, but it doesn’t mean you will. Remember there is no shame in wanting to keep yourself safe as well. It is a top priority that doesn’t deserve to go unchecked. You’re going to want to use the CheckPeople.com service in order to keep yourself safe.

With CheckPeople you can check all sorts of things. You can do an Address Search to see if your location is safe. You’ll get great information about the actual property you are looking at. You can then also look up your potential neighbors properties and also maybe even their criminal record if they have oene. You’ll want to make sure there aren’t any sex offenders in the area. We want to keep you safe and these questions and will help you.

To Wrap Up:

When you decide to live with someone it’s a great time in your life to really gauge whether or not this person is a good fit, without getting the law involved. However, realize that although a lot of couples live together these days it hasn’t always been this way. In fact, just a few short decades ago it was considered taboo!

Check on the safety of your future by eliminating questions about your partner as well as the address where you will live. Be ready, and make the best decision for your phone that you can.

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